EastEnders fans convinced Sharon and Phil will reunite after spotting clue


EASTENDERS fans are convinced Sharon Watts and Phil Mitchell will reunite – after spotting a major clue.

The hardman – who is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap – is currently in prison after refusing to take a police deal and become a criminal informant.

EastEnders viewers think that Sharon Watts and Phil Mitchell are going to get back together
Phil is currently engaged to Kat Slater (middle)

However his girlfriend Kat had no idea – until tonight after she found proof that Sharon had been secretly visiting Phil.

It all emerged as the two women were held hostage by two armed gunmen in Peggy’s alongside Sam Mitchell.

But as Sam put on a performance pretending to try and get into the office with the men, one of them threatened to shoot her if she was setting them up.

“I don’t do regrets,” she said revealing herself to be the one behind the shooting.

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As the man ran into the room, Shirley jumped out and smacked one of them with her baseball bat, sending them reeling.

They ran back into the club and in a panic aimed their guns at Kat and Sharon.

Sam threw herself in front of the bullet – saving Kat from being shot.

Kat told her: “That bullet was meant for me. You saved my life.”

But as she reeled from the shock she spotted a piece of paper on the floor and quickly snatched it up after realising what it was.

Shirley called the police and shockingly Sharon covered for Shirley insisting she saved the day.

However Shirley went wandering off with her baseball bat in front of the armed police who did nothing.

Sharon didn’t have a moment to think with Kat soon revealing she had found her visiting receipt from seeing Phil in prison.

“I’m his fiancee, you’re not his wife,” said Kat before she tried to throw Sharon out.

But to explain Sharon told her: “I’ve tried to convince him to take the deal.

“The police want him to grass but he said no months back. He doesn’t have to be banged up but he won’t listen to me. He could walk out today if he just co-operated, if he wasn’t so old school.”

But Kat had no idea and was devastated that Phil was choosing to stay away from her.

And now fans think Sharon and Phil will reunite after years apart.

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One wrote: “Kat knows about Sharon’s prison visits OMG.”

A second said: “Run Sharon, run…”