EastEnders fans convinced Sharon Mitchell will murder Phil after epic showdown


EASTENDERS fans are convinced Sharon Mitchell will murder ex Phil after she vowed to destroy him tonight.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Letitia Dean in the BBC soap – called the police on Phil after Lisa Fowler told her about Louises claims Keanu was murdered.

EastEnders fans think that Sharon will murder Phil

Despite Lisa backtracking when she found out it was true, not knowing Keanu is still alive, Sharon kept digging and called the police before goading Phil into a row.

Manipulating him into chasing her back to Ians, Sharon let rip at Phils rage about her cheating on him.

She told him: Dont you dare judge me. What about you – me, Kathy, Lisa, Shirley, youve cheated on everyone youve ever been with.

Youre the one who slept with his own brothers wife but you dont like how it feels when its done back to you. Keanu made me feel things you could never make me feel. Just go Phil or do you fancy another visit from the police?

The pair had an epic showdown on tonight’s show
Sharon didn’t hold back when she confronted Phil

A clearly rattled Phil said: Is that your best shot?

Get the old bill involved well theyve got nothing on me but Ill take everything from you. Youll never see Dennis again and next time there wont be any witnesses.

After recovering from facing off with her gangster ex, Sharon revealed it was all part of her master plan.

She told Ian: He was scared which means I did the right thing calling the police.

What happened to Keanus down to him. Im just getting started Ian. Im going to make him suffer for what hes done, Im going to get my boy back and make Phil pay.

And with the news a major character will die on the 35th anniversary next month, fans think Sharons goading Phil will lead to one of their deaths.

One wrote: Cant wait for sharons revenge! #EastEnders.”

A second said: Woo hoo, I like that fighting talk from Sharon! #eastenders.”

Another added: queen sharon is gonna destroy phil and i honestly cant wait #EastEnders.”