EastEnders fans convinced they have worked out who is murdered after spotting Denise Fox clue


EASTENDERS fans are convinced they have worked out who will die in the dramatic Christmas murder after spotting a clue tonight.

The BBC soap teased a shock killing for Christmas in last month’s flash-forward featuring six iconic characters.

Denise had a run-in with Ravi during tonight’s EastEnders

As he continued to blackmail her, fans are convinced he’ll end up at dead at Christmas

Now in tonight’s episode fans think they know that one of the women featured – Denise Fox – will be the killer.

And they think her victim will be murderer Ravi Gulati after he stepped us his blackmail of her.

Viewers know the police are investigating Ravi with him trying to seduce Denise to get information from her police detective husband Jack.

She knocked him back so instead he went for her daughter Chelsea, leaving Denise taking drastic action to put a stop to him – eventually having Jack removed from the case.

Denise told Ravi: “You blew it. Jack’s off the case, so your plan to use my daughter in your sick little game has seriously backfired. 

“It’s a conflict of interest. Now this is over, so you can back off me and back off my daughter.”

But Ravi ignored her words, telling her: “Is Chelsea more of a West End girl or Mayfair would you say? For our date tonight. I’d say Mayfair, she’s classy like that.”

“What? Are you deaf or simple?” hit back Denise.

“I’m neither Denise,” Ravi said, adding: “Nothing’s changed.”

“Jack’s still old bill and you’re still his wife. You’ll help me. Go home Denise. Get yourself an early night. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be busier than ever.”

Denise was trapped but fans are convinced she will deal with Ravi by killing him this Christmas.

One wrote: “I reckon it could be Ravi dead in the Vic at Christmas.”

A second said: “Ravi will end up being the person dead in the Vic on Christmas Day.”

Another added: “I definitely think it’s Ravi who dies at Christmas.”

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