EastEnders fans convinced they’ve solved sick incest twist ahead of Lola and Jay’s bittersweet wedding

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EASTENDERS fans are convinced Lola Pearce is related to fiancé Jay Brown amid harrowing cancer storyline.

With the pair getting married in two weeks time, fans of the BBC soap have only just noticed how Lola is related to her grandad Billy Mitchell’s two children – Janet and Will.

Fans are convinced Jay and Lola related

The hairdresser is undergoing treatment while planning a wedding

And some fans are speculating Lola (Danielle Harold) and her husband-to-be Jay (Jamie) might be “related” as well.

Lola was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and is currently undergoing treatment while planning her wedding.

Jay proposed to the hairdresser on Christmas day – but are the bride and groom related?

Taking to a Facebook group, one fan asked: “So is Janet and Will auntie and uncle to Lola?”

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Another replied: “Yep. And Jay is her adoptive uncle.”

A third chimed in: “Not adopted uncle, he never married Billy Lol or Honey. Phil adopted Jay.”

And a fourth added: “Billy was left to look after jay after his dad Jase died, Billy took Jay on and adopted him, but Phil always took over.”

Jay first arrived in Albert Square back in 2006.

He was orphaned at 14 years old after the tragic death of his dad Jase Dyer.

He was adopted by the Mitchell family with both Phil and Billy as father figures.

Meanwhile, Lola is the granddaughter of Billy Mitchell and Julie Perkins.

It appears Jay and Lola are not blood-related, but are in an adoptive way.

Upcoming scenes will see Lola reveal her heartbreaking final wish.

She is adamant on making the most of the little time she has left and is tying up any loose ends she can.

Lola talks to Jay about finding her mother but the mechanic isn’t so sure it’s a good idea for the women to reconnect.

Actress Patsy Kensit was confirmed to be joining the EastEnders line-up as Lola’s estranged mother Emma Harding.

The never-before-seen character is said to have left her daughter and her partner when Lola was only three.

“We’re delighted to welcome the wonderfully talented Patsy to the EastEnders family”, soap boss Chris Clenshaw said.

“She’s the perfect fit to take on the role of such a long-awaited character that we know very little about.”

“Softly spoken and measured, on one hand Emma is the very opposite of her long lost daughter Lola.”

“But on the other, there’s a striking resemblance; successful, the capacity to hold her own – if she says she’ll do something, she’ll do it – and she’s a fighter, just like Lola.”

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Lola thinks about her final wish

Lola’s estranged mother Emma Harding will arrive in Walford