EastEnders fans demand Sonia Fowler gets a new love interest after being ‘ignored’

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SONIA Fowler’s love life has been on hold for several months while new love blossoms in Albert Square.

EastEnders fans are asking soap bosses to shake things up for the character portrayed by Natalie Cassidy.

EastEnders fans are asking bosses to send love Sonia Fowler’s way

The character has been single for a while, involved in a storyline which saw her conned by Rocky Cotton

But could she find love again?

Amid dramatic storylines, many Walford residents are finding time to get themselves a partner and committing to budding romances which sometimes send fans into a frenzy.

Stacey Slater, Kheerat Panesar, Kim Fox and Howie Danes are some of the latest characters to try their luck at love again while Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell are preparing to tie the knot.

Meanwhile, Sonia Fowler has been making the most of single life but BBC One viewers are growing tired of it.

Believing she’s been ignored for too long, some fans have taken to a Digital Spy forum and asked bosses to give Sonia a new love interest.

On a positive note, she may have more options than some other characters since coming out as bisexual.

“Kim mentioned the other day that Sonia’s been single for ages now. Think Tina was her last significant relationship”, one viewer penned before adding: “I’d love them to bring in someone new for her, whether that is someone male or female. She deserves to have some fun.”

Another agreed: “I think of all the characters who deserve a happy ending, Sonia is right there at the top. I really think the next female that should come in should be a long term love interest for Sonia.”

This fan then mentioned Eve Unwin (portrayed by Heather Peace) could have a perfect match for Sonia, before setting her sights on a cold and reluctant Suki Panesar.

“Although I’m loving Suki/Eve and want them to be in long term, I think Eve would have worked well with Sonia”

“Sonia is in need of a relationship right now. I hope they bring someone in for her”, another viewer echoed.

One fan already has a plot suggestion for the nurse: “I think Sonia could do with someone who is intelligent and mature but also brings a bit of fire. Tina had that but she was basically a child in a 40 year old body. I think Eve could possibly fit the bill, or at least a character with those traits.”

“Nobody else in the current cast- make or female- really jumps out at me as a possibility so definitely someone new should come in- maybe a patient ? That would be an interesting story- Sonia is quite moral, would she cross that boundary of nurse/patient to be with someone.”

But while some are desperate to see Sonia in a happy and committed relationship again, years after her romance with the late Tina Carter, others have underlined the fact she may not need anybody to feel fulfilled.

“I wish the idea of a happy ending having to be in a relationship was dispelled”, one commented as another argued: “She’s not in need of one at all.”

Throughout her years in Albert Square, Sonia has been romantically involved with multiple characters and was even married to Martin Fowler from 2004 to 2015.

The pair even struggled to stay away from one another after their breakup as they share a daughter called Rebecca or “Bex.”

More recently, Sonia has been unlucky in love as she went on a date with a married man called Ethan in 2021 but broke up with him when she found out he had a wife.

Will Sonia remain on her own or find happiness with another resident?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 8pm.

Sonia was married to Martin Fowler

She was also involved romantically with the late Tina Carter