EastEnders fans devastated as Lola Pearce lies to daughter Lexi


EASTENDERS fans are devastated after Lola Pearce lied to her daughter Lexi tonight.

The hairdresser – who is played by actress Danielle Harold in the BBC soap – had been determined to not tell her daughter that she is dying from a brain tumour.

Lola had been determined to not tell her daughter that she is dying

But tonight Lexi discovered the truth

But tonight Lexi discovered the truth after opening a letter addressed to her mum.

The youngster ran away, struggling to cope with the news that her mum’s cancer wasn’t successfully treated.

As Lola found her daughter she realised Lexi knew everything – but after taking her home, lied to her anyway.

“You could, if it doesn’t work, you could die?” Lexi asked her, adding: “Yes or no?”

Lola made the decision to lie to her daughter about her diagnosis.

“Look at me now, me and you – no I am not going to die,” she said.

Lexi promised she’d never let her mum go – even if she needed the toilet – leaving Lola emotional.

One wrote: “That lola and lexi scene was heartbreaking.”

A second said: “I knew Lexi would feel hurt and betrayed. Lola has lied to Lexi twice but she wanted to protect her..”

Another added: “The little girl who plays Lexi is a little star.”

EastEnders worked closely with Hope Support Services on the scenes airing this week, to ensure it is portrayed as realistically and as sensitively as possible for all children who have parents experiencing a terminal illness. 

Lorna Russell, Safeguarding Lead at Hope Support Services said: “It’s been great to work with Danielle (Lola) and Isabella (Lexi) on this storyline. 

“Lots of families will understand how distressing it can be for children when someone they love has cancer, so we’re pleased to see EastEnders focusing on how Lexi is affected by Lola’s brain tumour.”