EastEnders fans disgusted as Ellie Nixon tries to SELL grandson Raymond to Phil Mitchell for £150k


EASTENDERS fans are disgusted as Ellie Nixon tried to sell her grandson Raymond to Phil Mitchell.

The gangster granny – who is played by actress Mica Paris in the BBC soap – left Phil shocked when she offered to let him have the son he gave away for adoption for £150k.

Ellie went to see Phil and made him an offer

With the news Raymond’s adoptive parents were murdered by enemies of criminal queen Ellie, Phil thought he could convince her into handing the youngster over to him to keep him safe.

But Ellie saw through his words – and proved she was just as deadly as he was by telling him she knew all about his family.

She mentioned Ben being shot, Louise fleeing the country and even Dennis’ death before issuing him with a chilling choice.

“I’m not an unreasonable woman,” Ellie told him in a dramatic stand-off in the Arches. 

Phil quickly accepted Ellie’s offer but said he could only get £80k

“I can see how much that boy means to you and we’ve both lost sons. You can have Raymond, but it’ll cost you – £150k.”

Phil quickly agreed – but could only get his hands on £80,000.

And when he turned up to do the handover Ellie fronted him out and demanded the full payment.

However as Phil tried to negotiate, Ben turned up and convinced him that the only way he would get Raymond back was through the courts.

Ellie warned him not to cross her before giving Phil more time to come up with the cash.

Viewers were disgusted by Ellie’s actions.

One wrote: “Ah, a grandmothers love. Just selling her grandson for 150 grand.”

A second said: “They hand kids around like sherbet lemons”

Another added: “The hell? Buying and selling kids now?”