EastEnders fans disgusted with Walford police for Gray Atkins blunder


EASTENDERS fans are disgusted with the police for believing serial killer Gray Atkins’ lies.

Market trader Whitney Dean called them in after reporting Gray for murdering his first wife Chantelle and abusing his new wife Chelsea Fox.

Gray managed to convince a detective that Chelsea is struggling after having a premature baby
The cop fell for his lies – infuriating EastEnders fans

Tonight the police went to question Gray – but he had an answer for everything.

Coming out of Gray’s house, it became clear the officer had been taken in by the killer.

Confronting Whitney he said: “You didn’t tell me they had a premature baby, no wonder she’s struggling. 

“And you’ve got no evidence of anything else – nothing I can take to the CPS. 

“We haven’t even had a single report of shouting coming from that house. 

“If you’ve been so worried about Chelsea for weeks, why are you only coming forward now?”

Whitney said: “He killed her – I’m telling you he killed Chantelle.”

But the officer interrupted and told her: “Whatever vendetta you’ve got against Gray Atkins…

“He told me someone kicked off at his wedding and the stress sent her into early labour – it didn’t take me long to put two and two together.”

He went on to insist that Chelsea hadn’t raised any issues so there was nothing he could do.

Whitney blasted him: “And neither did Chantelle. 

“That is exactly what happened with me and Leo. I told you he was stalking me and everything and look what happened there. 

“Why don’t you ever just believe women?”

Ignoring what Whitney said, the policeman told her: “Look you need to stop this obsession, otherwise you’re going to find yourself in serious trouble.”

The warning left fans disgusted – and they took to Twitter to vent.

One wrote: “That Detective isn’t actually buying into Gray’s obvious bulls*** right? Literally all he needs to do is somehow track down Chantelle’s medical records. See just how many times she was brought in with ‘Accidental falls’ etc. Talk to the Nursing staff or whatever? #EastEnders.”

A second said: “Gray wormed his way around the cop #EastEnders.”

Another even added: “God help me i hate this b****** gray #Eastenders.”

Whitney was fuming after learning that the detective was on Gray’s side

He told her she has a ‘vendetta’ against Gray