EastEnders fans go wild as they spot Jay from The Inbetweeners’ DAD as policeman quizzing Jean


EASTENDERS fans were all left screaming the same thing at their TV sets last night after spotting the cop quizzing Jean Slater.

DS Foden burst into the interview room – and was instantly recognisable as Jay’s horrible dad from The Inbetweeners.

DS Foden was seen grilling Jean Slater on last night’s episode of EastEnders
The same actor, David Schaal, played Jay’s dad in The Inbetweeners

One laughed: “Hahaha why is Jay’s dad off Inbetweeners now a police officer in Eastenders.”

Another wrote: “Omg I’ve just realised! It’s been bugging me but I’ve worked it out… Jay’s dad was on Eastenders tonight.”

The Walford detective was played by David Schaal, who alongside playing the abusive layabout has been on some of Britain’s biggest shows.

He has also played the equally unpleasant warehouse worker Glynn in The Office and its spin-off specials.

But his role on The Inbetweeners, which launched phrases including “clunge” and “fwends” on the nation, made him recognisable to a generation of viewers in their 30s and 40s.

The American-born actor is set to appear in EastEnders for a run of episodes as no-nonsense DS Foden.

“Miss Slater, we’ve had a tip-off about Class B marijuana grown at 31 Albert Square, your address, correct?”

But she replied: “No comment” to that and all subsequent questions.

Jay Cartwright star James Buckley recently asked Danny Dyer for a job on the soap, asking “Get me a day on EastEnders?”

The 44-year-old replied: “Get you a day? I’ll get you a month. You’re having a month, that’s it… We work six days a week.”

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