EastEnders fans gobsmacked as Max exposes Sharon for trying to kill Ian in front of entire pub


EASTENDERS fans were left gobsmacked as Max exposed Sharon for trying to kill Ian – in front of the entire pub.

Ian – played by Adam Woodyatt in the BBC soap – survived Sharon’s latest murder attempt and fled Walford last month.

Kathy and Bobby put posters up of Ian

Max Branning grows determined to discover the truth and when he spots police talking to Bobby, he asks if there’s any news on Ian.

Linda then tells Sharon that Max is on a mission to discover who attacked Ian in the Queeen Vic.

When Max quizzes Sharon, she tells him he’s only trying to prove Tina’s innocence to get Linda back.

However, things really kick off when Bobby and Kathy Beale arrive to put missing flyers out for Ian.

Max exposed Sharon in the pub

Kathy says to Sharon: “I’m just going to put a couple of these up in here, if that’s okay.

“I mean, we’ve all got to do what we can, and any information we can get can only help us get him back. And that’s what we want, isn’t it?

“Unless, you’re happy for him to stay missing, so you can get your hands on his money and his pub.”

Sharon is flustered and says: “That is an awful thing to say.”

Sharon was horrified that the truth was out

Kathy doesn’t back down and says: “Oh, so you want him back then. Go on, say it.”

Max then drops the bombshell – and the whole pub is left shocked.

Max says: “She ain’t got to say it. She wants him back. So she can finish him off. I mean that’s right isn’t it Sharon. It’s not Tina who tried to kill Ian. It was you.”

Viewers were shocked by the scenes, with one person saying: “Just watched #EastEnders on BBC iPlayer. Max has let the murderous cat out of the bag! How is Sharon going to sweet talk her way out of this one?!?”

Another added: “Sharon ain’t laughing now is she”

A third remarked: “Sharon is not even trying to act like she’s concerned about Ian. No wonder Max is onto her”

EastEnders viewers know that Ian secretly visited the doctors in recent scenes – and got proof that Sharon is poisoning him.

The business man’s shock move came after more and more residents of the Square noticed how ill he was looking – and Max suggested Sharon could be poisoning him. 

Ian Beale has fled Walford

Ian was then able to catch Sharon out when she went full steam ahead with her deadly dinner last week, telling her to eat some of the poisoned pasta herself. 

A showdown ensued as Sharon forced Ian to admit to killing her son Dennis Mitchell.

Ian begged Sharon to believe it was a tragic accident, but the landlady was having none of it and told him he deserved to die in emotional scenes. 

Viewers then watched Ian shuffle to the tube station, throw away his phone – and bid farewell to Walford.