EastEnders fans ‘heartbroken’ by ‘weak’ Ben’s need to be loved by dad Phil Mitchell


EASTENDERS fans have admitted that they are “heartbroken” by Ben Mitchell’s need to be loved by his hard man dad.

Earlier this week, Ben – played by Max Bowden – was clearly touched when Phil asked him if he was available to help with a dodgy job.

Ben has always dreamed of his dad’s approval

The character has always been desperate to get his father’s approval, and after he lost his hearing in the River Thames boat disaster he has been worried about Phil seeing him as “weak.”

In his bid to make a good impression, Ben took advantage of boyfriend Callum’s job as a police officer to show what he is capable of.

Ben tried to get intel from the trainee copper, with Callum left feeling betrayed and devastated when he learned that he’d been used for Phil and Ben’s wrongdoings.

Now fans have flocked to social media to share their disappointment in the bad boy – although they admitted that they felt sorry for Ben’s “desperate” attempts to make Phil love him.

Phil did not correct his son when he called himself ‘weak’
Ben betrayed his boyfriend Callum for Phil

One wrote: “Ben is gonna hurt Callum cause he is desperate for Phil to love him.”

Another added: “Oh, Ben! That desperate need to please Phil is still at the forefront and it breaks my heart.

“He would do anything to impress and gain his approval!”

A third said: “I hope Ben realises that Phil isn’t worth losing Callum and his relationship because that’s what’s gonna happen.”

Phil defended Ben in the pub when Danny slammed his disability
Ben lost all of his hearing in the River Thames boat crash

One more wrote: “Ben breaks my heart. I can’t believe he said he knows his dad thinks he’s weak… and Phil didn’t contradict him?????”

Phil and Ben have always had a rocky relationship, but things appeared to take a turn for the better in Monday’s episode.

Phil stuck up for his son when evil Danny Hardcastle mocked Ben for losing his hearing, and chose to ditch Danny in favour of Ben.

He also recently left viewers in tears when he wrote his son a note to share how “proud” he was of him as Ben continues to battle his loss of hearing.

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