EastEnders fans horrified as Freddie Slater reveals disturbing way he’s making money


EASTENDERS fans are horrified after Freddie Slater revealed his disturbing plan to make money.

The chip shop assistant – who is played by actor Bobby Brazier in the BBC soap – has been struggling for money with the rest of the Slaters.

EastEnders fans were horrified by Freddie’s bizarre money making plan

Fans felt sick watching Freddie sell pictures of his feet online

But tonight he hit on a novel way of making money – even if it made several viewers want to vomit.

“First I’m going to help Stace by selling my body,” Freddie revealed to a howling with laughter Kat.

“Look no-one’s getting their hands on perfection, don’t worry. I’m just going to sell feet photos.

“This geezer made an absolute fortune just by selling pictures of his feet on this secret cam website.

“And his feet aren’t even as nice as mine.”

A horrified Kat said: “Yeah and that geezer is happy with old pervs getting their rocks off looking at him.

“Your head is in the clouds.”

Freddie hit back: “It’s these pretty little toes that are going to make us rich. And when they do I expect an apology.”

Later Rocky was horrified to find Freddie taking pictures of his feet behind the chippy counter.

But he was even more shocked when Freddie revealed how much he had made just on day one.

And he wanted in, telling Freddie: “If you let me be your agent/photographer then I guarantee I will double your money for a little slice of the action.”

Viewers are horrified at the development and the constant shots of bare feet.

One wrote: “Freddie’s feet pics, Stacey’s only fans. I can’t keep up with it all. I just need our Stace to be protected at all times.”

A second said: “I’m sorry but this sick with Freddie and his feet just no like eww.”

Another added: “Not Freddie using the counter of the fish and chip place for his feet pics — food hygiene Freddie! Kathy would smack him over the head if she caught that.”

“We don’t want to see your feet Freddie,” someone else begged.