EastEnders fans horrified as Kheerat attacks Jay as he reveals truth about Suki and Honey’s secret kiss


EASTENDERS fans were horrified as Kheerat Panesar violently attacked Jay Brown as he revealed the truth about Suki and Honey’s secret kiss.

Jay – who plays Jamie Borthwick on the BBC One soap – was on the receiving end of Kheerat’s wrath after he learns that his mum tried to snog her shop assistant.

EastEnders Jay Brown tells Kheerat about Suki’s secret kiss with Honey Mitchell
Viewers were shocked as Kheerat lashed out at Jay

The shop owner has been forcing Honey to work night shifts after she rejected her kiss last month. 

In tonight’s episode, Suki refused to cut Honey any slack, Honey reached the end of her tether and accused Suki of trying to punish her. 

The shop assistant explained that Suki has nothing to feel embarrassed about and reassured her that they were still friends.

But Suki saw red and angrily told her that she should watch what she says.

Kheerat then interrupted the heated exchange, but Suki pretended that everything was okay as Honey stormed off.

When Honey told Jay and Billy that she can’t go to Miami with Janet, Jay grows suspicious.

When Jay questioned Suki, she tells him that Honey hasn’t been performing well lately, leaving Jay fuming. 

Later on, a distraught Honey finally admitted to Jay that Suki tried to kiss her – and that she rejected her. 

Jay told Honey that he’ll take care of it but she begged him to stay out of it, despite Jay claiming it’s “sexual harassment”.

Despite Honey warning Jay to not get involved, he later spots Kheerat and Suki going into the Queen Vic.

Jay grabs Kheerat before he goes in and tells him that he doesn’t know what his mum is really like.

Jay raged: “Your mum tried to kiss Honey.”

A gobsmacked Kheerat replied: “Are you having a laugh?”

Jay remarked: “Does it look like I’m laughing? She’s embarrassed, that’s why she’s putting Honey through hell, that’s why she’s causing all this grief.”

But Kheerat was not having any of it and grabbed Jay and pushed him against the pub.

He fumed: “You listen to me okay…you lie about my mum again and I’m going to show you what trouble really is. Do you understand me?”

Jay reluctantly agreed but Kheerat was left stunned by the bombshell news.

Viewers were shocked by Kheerat’s outburst.

One wrote: “It’s actually worrying the extent Kheerat became angry over the kiss. It’s no wonder Suki is the way she is about it. He would have believed his mum is a bully without a blink of an eye but never that his mum kissed a woman. #EastEnders.”

Another posted: “Wow! Kheerat really is turning into an a**hole. That was completely unnecessary to do that to Jay! I keep seeing more and more shades of Suki in him.”

A third shared: “Kheerat going hard on Jay.”

Later in the week, Kheerat tells Suki about Honey’s accusations and confronts Honey for lying.

Later, Suki pays Honey a visit and, despite Honey assuring her that she has nothing to be ashamed of, Suki slaps her before threatening to destroy her.

However, Honey makes clear that she holds all the power, telling Suki she’ll tell everyone about her part in Jags’ death.

How will Suki react?

Honey dropped the bombshell news on Jay

Honey still holds all the cards as she knows the truth about Jag’ death