EastEnders fans horrified by who the police think fathered Lily Slater’s baby

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EASTENDERS fans are horrified about who the police think fathered Lily Slater’s baby.

The 12-year-old discovered she was pregnant last week after being rushed to hospital following the carbon monoxide leak.

Schoolgirl Lily is pregnant on EastEnders

The police implied her step-dad Martin could’ve fathered her baby

Tests revealed the pregnancy and doctors broke the news to Stacey Slater.

At breaking point, Stacey confided in her mum before speaking to Lily about what the doctors had found.

Lily was devastated and begged her mum not to tell her dad.

Stacey reluctantly agreed – but struggled when the police arrived to question her, and when they launched a full investigation she panicked.

Having got out of Lily that Ricky Jr is the father, she was again sworn to secrecy.

But when the police and social services arrived to continue their investigation – until they are satisfied Lily hasn’t been abused, Stacey was forced to tell the family.

However she couldn’t get hold of Martin, and he found out the news when the police and social services visited him.

And they were clearly suspicious of why Stacey hadn’t confided in her ex.

Furious, Martin stormed over to Stacey’s shouting: “When were you going to tell me?

“I just found out from the social services and the police questioning what I know about my 12 year old pregnant daughter. 

“They were questioning me about my relationship with my stepdaughter. Looking at me like I’m some sort of sick, twisted…”

Viewers are sickened that the police would suspect Martin.

One wrote: “Martin has the right to be angry.”

A second said: “Poor Martin! That’s an awful thing to be accused of!”

Another added: “Martin is totally justified being angry that he wasn’t told earlier, don’t blame him at all, esp with the police and social workers asking him questions.”

Later the police discovered Stacey knew the identity of the father – after Freddie Slater panicked that he was being accused.

Then the police told her that unless they find out who the dad is – and can question him – that Lily will be removed from her care.

Will Stacey buckle?