EastEnders fans in shock as Jack Branning catches wife Denise Fox cheating


EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Jack Branning caught wife Denise Fox cheating on him.

The police detective – who is played by actor Scott Maslen in the BBC soap – confronted his wife with a hotel room key card in tonight’s explosive duff duff duff moment.

EastEnders’ Denise had been sneaking off to spend the night with Ravi

But she was rumbled by Jack when he found her hotel room key

Viewers know Denise has been pursued by Ravi Gullati for weeks with the pair finally sharing a kiss this week.

And in tonight’s episode Ravi invited Denise to spend the night with him at a hotel suite.

With husband Jack away, Denise eagerly agreed, lying to her daughter Chelsea that she was going seeing her other daughter Libby.

But when Chelsea discovered that was a lie, Denise lied again claiming she just wanted some time alone after all that had happened with Amy and Ricky.

However, when Jack returned home early to check on Amy, Denise was confused.

But she decided to stick with her plan and told him she was off for the night to visit Libby – despite being confronted by Chelsea who thought she was acting “weird”.

As she forged on, disaster struck when Denise realised she didn’t have the hotel key card Ravi had given her. As she desperately searched the house for the missing hotel key, she couldn’t find it.

Denise eventually resigned herself to leaving without it, praying that Jack didn’t find it.

Bidding her farewell, Jack said: “You not cold? Are you sure you don’t need your scarf? Wouldn’t want you getting cold then. Bye then.” 

But before Denise could get out of the door, he called her back saying: “Ain’t you forgot something?”

Jack then brandished the hotel room key, leaving Denise foxed.

And viewers are in shock after the explosive twist. 

One wrote: “Oh Denise you silly billy.”

A second said: “I was not expecting that ending!”

Another added: “Jack’s found Denise’s key card. How is she going to get out of this one?!”

Denise agreed to the hotel stay after a heated encounter with Ravi in an alleyway

She claimed to be heading off to stay with daughter Libby