EastEnders fans in tears as Jay Brown supports Honey Mitchell after her rape ordeal


EASTENDERS fans have been left in tears after a Jay Brown paid tribute to Honey Mitchell after her rape drug horror.

The car salesman – who is played by actor Jamie Borthwick in the BBC soap – tried to comfort Honey after it was revealed she may have to go to court to put her attacker Paul behind bars.

Jay supported Honey in tonight’s episode

He drugged her and wanted to rape her in broad daylight after their lunchtime date but Jay managed to get there in time to stop him.

In tonight’s episode Jay was there for Honey again as the police confirmed she wasn’t raped – but warned her that it didn’t mean she wasn’t sexually assaulted.

Struggling to process the news, Honey decided she would never be with a man again.

But kind Jay, who fans are convinced has feelings for Honey, gave her a touching speech that left viewers in tears.

He has been a rock for Honey during her rape ordeal

“I ain’t going to sit here and tell you that I’ve got all the answers because I definitely haven’t,” he said as the pair sat on the playground swings. 

“I’m not going to promise you that you’ll ever feel different than how you feel now, but do you know what I do know? I know that you’ll try. 

“Maybe not now, maybe not next week or next month but at some point you will. 

Jay delivered a moving pep talk

“Because you’re a fighter and because you’re too lovely not to share all of you with someone.”

A tearful Honey told him: “You’ve been a really good friend Jay. You’ve been there for me more than Billy, more than anyone actually.”

Viewers were in tears and are more convinced than ever that Jay and Honey will eventually get together.

Honey admitted Jay has supported her more than anyone

One wrote:  “I’m not crying at Jay and Honey, you are.”

A second said:  “Jay & Honey are literally melting my heart.”

Another added: “I need a Jay Brown in my life.”