EastEnders fans in tears as Karen Taylor has emotional meltdown over missing Bailey


EASTENDERS fans are in tears over Karen Taylor’s public meltdown over missing Bailey Baker.

The mum – who is played by actress Lorraine Stanley in the BBC soap – was broken after her neighbours left her a pamper hamper instead of helping find Bailey.

Karen has been worried sick about her stepdaughter

Smashing the hamper down in the Square, she screamed: “You think this helps? A packet of biscuits and a bath bomb. 

“You think I’ve got time to sit in a bath when my little girl’s living on the streets or worse – dead in a ditch? And this – we’re here for you. Is that what you think? 

“She’s been missing for days and I’ve hardly seen you. Give me a job in your salon – a few shifts sweeping the floor. You knew I was out of work, that money was tight. I want to earn, I don’t want to ponce. 

She wiped away her tears in the heartfelt plea
Karen is Bailey’s stepmother alongside her paternal father, Mitch Baker

Bailey Baker left home with her dog, Banjo

“And people go on about community, about being kind, posting things online about the state of the country, unemployment, sticking up sad face emojis and then drinking a glass of wine. 

“Does this make you feel better about yourself? Does this help you sleep at night? I’m sick of you, I’m sick of all of you.”

Karen then saw the builders renovating her former workplace and lost it.

Karen could not control her sadness

Karen misses Bailey immensely

Karen reached breaking point

She picked up a sledge hammer and started smashing it up – before the police were called and she was arrested, sobbing.

“That’s it, lock me up, shut me up, pretend I don’t exist,” she shouted. 

“I just want my little girl back. I just want my baby.”

Viewers were in tears at the emotional scenes.

Karen went hungry so her children could eat
The 11-year-old ran away to help her family solve their money issues

One wrote: “OPINION OF THE DAY : Karen Taylor deserves sm better #EastEnders #tv”

A second said: “Omg Karen is breaking my heart”

Another added: “Absolutely wowed by @loustar76 tonight on @bbceastenders, usually ‘Karen’ makes me laugh, tonight she made me cry. #EastEnders”

A TV fan added: “Karen losing it big time don’t blame her really #EastEnders”