EastEnders fans insist Keanu Taylor is NOT dead after Louise Mitchell tries to have him killed


EASTENDERS fans were left in shock tonight as Keanu Taylor was murdered – with the help of his furious girlfriend Louise Mitchell.

However, many were convinced he is still alive after an explosive Christmas episode, believing he and Martin faked his death.

Louise agreed to flee Walford – and her furious dad Phil – with Keanu

One viewer insisted: “The video that was shown to Ben was faked (Martin fired a shot to the side of Keanu and Keanu pretended to die by falling over) so its a double bluff.”

Another tweeted: “I don’t think Keanu’s dead. I think it’s been faked. Martin’s the real G.”
Viewers tonight saw Louise leading Keanu to believe she would forgive him for cheating with Sharon Mitchell, gushing: “You’re the father of my child, I’m not having anything happen to you.”

However, just before they made a run for it, Martin Fowler dragged him away to be killed.

However, she looked on coldly as Martin leaned through the window and took him out

But before he did, she told him: “Never, ever take a Mitchell for a fool.”

His demise was heralded from the start, with Ben telling dad Phil Mitchell: “Keanu Taylor won’t make it to the mince pies.”

Nodding, the hulking hardman replied: “And then I’ll deal with Sharon.”

He later left his wife reeling when he stormed into the kitchen and roared: “You can stop laying the table, because no one’s coming” – then telling her he knew what she’d been up to.

Martin showed Ben a video showing him shooting Keanu

Meanwhile, across the Square, Louise asked Keanu: “Are you the father of Sharon’s baby?” to which he replied: “Yes.”

He added: “I love you, Lou. You’re the only one I want. I want to be your husband.”

Seemingly, full of forgiveness, she agrees to skip Walford, saying: “Let’s do it – let’s go.”

They kissed, with her telling Keanu: “You’re the father of my child, I’m not having anything happen to you.”

Louise suddenly turned cold as Keanu realised he’d been tricked




He tells her: “I really don’t deserve you.”

But it turns out she had been playing him all along, when Martin Fowler appears at the window on the orders of Ben Mitchell.

She tells him: “Never, ever take a Mitchell for a fool” before opening the door and walking away.

Martin later reported back to Ben with a video appearing to show Keanu being shot – but how real it is? Many believe not at all.