EastEnders fans left cringing at Denise and Ravi’s outrageous flirting as she drops huge bombshell

EastEnders,13-02-2023,6645,Ravi Gulari (AARON THIARA);Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 7TH FEBRUARY 2023***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

EASTENDERS fans were left cringing at Denise Fox and Ravi Gulati’s flirty exchange on tonight’s episode.

The hair salon owner desperately tried to calm things down with Ravi after she gave into her lust and finally kissed him on Valentine’s Day.

EastEnders fans were left cringing at Denise and Ravi’s flirty exchange

The hair salon owner said their Valentine’s Day kiss was a mistake

After staying at Kim’s, Denise woke up to a line of questioning from her worried sister.

Denise returns home to a disgruntled Jack who was stood up at their Valentine’s dinner.

His anger towards being jilted is quickly turned to embarrassment after Denise reveals she overheard his
conversation with Sam the night before.

At Fox & Hair, Denise finally revealed all to Kim, who encouraged her sister to remain tight-lipped on the situation.

Back at home, Jack apologised and declared his love to Denise, saying he was sorry for not putting in the effort on Valentine’s Day.

Denise then headed to Walford East to drop a major bombshell on Ravi, telling him last night was a mistake.

The married woman tells the restaurant owner: “Can we talk?,” to which Ravi replied: “I’m all ears, I’m pretty hungry… but have you got an appetite for something else?”

Denise scolded him and said: “Actually I came to say that I won’t be eating here again.”

A surprised Ravi asked: “No?”

“No, it weren’t to my taste,” Denise stated.

Ravi replied: “To spicy for you?,” to which the mum-of-two remarked: “No, it was actually quite bland.”

He responded: “That’s funny, I seem to remember you quite enjoying it at the time.

Denise hit back and said: “Well…why muck about with mince when you have steak at home.”

She then walked away, before Ravi sneaked in another cheeky innuendo and told her: “So if I offered you another taste…

“At Walford East we take pleasing our customers very seriously.”

She replied: “I’d say no, thank you.”

Their exchange came to a head, with Ravi adding: “Shame really, you didn’t even get to the main course.”

BBC viewers were left wincing at the flirty conversation littered with puns.

One wrote: “Ravi is making me blush mannnn.”

Another posted: “I don’t think Denise and Ravi are talking about the restaurant food. “

A third said: “Denise and Ravi have sizzling chemistry.”

The pair have grown close over the last few weeks