EastEnders fans left hot under the collar by ‘sexy’ Martin Fowler’s bum in denim shorts


STACEY Slater has been trying to get her mother Jean to come back to the Square.

However, EastEnders viewers were distracted and flustered after Martin Fowler was spotted wearing tight denim shorts.

Martin Fowler has been supporting Stacey Slater as she tries to reconnect with her mother Jean

But viewers were gushing over him on social media

Martin Fowler left fans flustered after he was seen wearing a pair of shorts

The food fan owner played by Lacey Turner left Walford to enjoy some time away from all the drama at a caravan park, where she found her mother Jean.

But she was even more surprised when the cleaner played by Gillian Wright outright refused to come back home, terrified of what people may think after her manic episode.

Meanwhile, Martin Fowler has been watching his former wife try and convince Jean to return to the Square, still making sure they made the most of their holiday.

In recent scenes of the BBC One soap, he was seen at a barbecue grill tending to some meat in a pair of shorts, an apron and a white shirt.

Viewers were left hot under the collar and gushed over actor and Strictly contestant James Bye‘s backside on social media.

“Martin in shorts and an apron. I think I’m developing A Situation”, one of them commented.

Another agreed with a plea to EastEnders bosses: “Can we have more of Martin Fowler in shorts? A plea for a friend. Thanks.”

“OK is it just me or is me or does Martin look sexy in those shorts standing by the BBQ?”, a third fan penned.

While soap fans struggled to keep their cool, Jean Slater agreed to come home but Stacey could tell she wasn’t ready.

Stacey then agreed to stay put at the caravan park to support her alongside returning Walford legend Big Mo Harris.

She was seen waving goodbye to her kids for a short while.

Aside from his hunky physique, Martin Fowler has been Stacey’s rock throughout Jean’s ordeal.

In earlier scenes of the BBC One drama, Jean suffered a manic episode caused by her bipolar disorder and displayed signs of erratic behaviour.

She was then hospitalised and Stacey was getting ready to welcome her home, unaware Jean had found refuge at Big Mo’s.

Jean initially refused to talk to Stacey when the pair bumped into one another at the caravan park but she was convinced by Kheerat Panesar to make a step towards her.

Could she return to Walford?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Martin has been a source of support for Stacey

The food van owner has been trying to convince her mother Jean to come back home