EastEnders fans left open-mouthed as Whitney Dean drops pregnancy bombshell


EASTENDERS’ Whitney Dean shocked fans by taking a pregnancy test after steamy night with Zack Hudson – but is she pregnant?

Felix, Finley, Chelsea plan a big birthday party to celebrate Whitney turning 30.

Whitney and Stacey take a pregnancy test

But they don’t know that Whitney (Shona McGarty) has a surprise of her own.

In Tuesday’s episode of the BBC soap, Whitney bought a pregnancy test.

She bumped into Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) who was also buying a pregnancy test.

Later, Stacey asked Whitney if she will be having a happy birthday to which she replied: “Yes”.

But is she pregnant?

At the end of the episode, Whitney found out her friends are planning a surprise party for her.

Whitney was touched and showed her excitement for turning 30.

Chelsea was shocked that Whitney suddenly wants to celebrate the occasion and questioned her.

Chelsea asked: “Now they’ve gone… what’s the deal? Come on Whit, talk to me.”

Whitney began: “Okay, so you know me and Zack we had a thing a few weeks back?”

Chelsea assumed: “Has he asked you out or something? Is it seeing someone else?”

“No,” Whitney said.

“Well what then?” Chelsea asked.

Whitney revealed: “I’m pregnant?”

Will she tell Zack?

Fans were left reeling after Whitney’s baby news.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Whitney will be a brilliant mum and Zack would be a brilliant dad. I think they’ll make it work. But giving a character what they’ve always wanted isn’t a good sign on this show so I’m a little worried for Whit.”

Another wrote: “I predicted this.”

A third penned: “I really hope Whitney doesn’t miscarry this time round. She really does deserve a happy ending but I don’t know if Zack would agree to raising the kid too.”

Meanwhile, viewers do not know the result of Stacey’s pregnancy test.

But we do know Stacey’s potential baby daddy is Kheerat Panesar.

Kheerat is currently in prison after switching places with his mum Suki Panesar and taking the blame for the murder of Ranveer Singh.

Stacey was shocked she could be having a fourth child with a fourth dad.

But is she pregnant?

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Whitney has a revelation

Chelsea questions Whitney