EastEnders fans predict Sharons revenge plot on Phil will backfire after she steals phone with Keanu murder on it


EASTENDERS fans are concerned Sharons revenge plot on Phil will backfire after she stole Martins phone with Keanus murder on it.

During tonights show the pregnant character (Letitia Dean) broke into the shed to take the mobile after Linda drunkenly told her there was footage of the incident.

Sharon tells Phil not to underestimate her in scenes that aired tonight

At the end of the episode she confronted Phil and while she didnt tell him she had the footage she warned him not to underestimate her.

Those watching at home are not convinced the video footage will be enough to bring the Mitchells done because there is still nothing linking Phil to the scene of the crime.

Some believe her revenge plan, which has just kicked off, will end up going wrong and landing her in trouble instead.

One viewer wrote: When Phil finds out she has the phone he should put in an anonymous call to the police saying Sharon had something to do with Keanu’s disappearance & the phone would be evidence as it doesn’t show the shooter sooo then Sharon can go to jail.

Phil doesn’t know that Sharon has the phone with the Keanu’s shooting on it

Sharon now has the phone and is planning her revenge

Another person asked: Is Sharon going to realise that it doesnt actually prove the Mitchells did anything at all? #EastEnders.

While someone else wrote: Sharon has the phone but it doesn’t lead back to Phil as the time on the video the Mitchell’s were in the Vic & Martin or Linda aint gonna side with Sharon if she went to the police with it so

EastEndersfans know that Martin had every intention to murder Keanu after gettingblackmailed by Ben Mitchell.

He drugged Keanu and dragged him to an abandoned warehouse, where he was planning on doing the deed.

Martin is furious when he finds the phone is gone

But when Linda stumbled upon the scene,she convinced Martin to fake Keanus death, so he could go on the run and she could return to Walford

While demonstrating how they could fake his death, drunk Linda accidentally shot him in the shoulder and nearly killed him

But Keanu did manage to make it out of Walford alive in the end, and viewers last saw him saying atearful goodbye to his mum Karen as he prepared to jet off for pastures new.