EastEnders fans rage at manipulative Katy Lewis as she drips poison in Mick Carter’s ear as he considers leaving Walford


EASTENDERS fans have been left xx as scenes aired showing Katy Lewis cruelly manipulating Mick Carter into leaving Albert Square.

Katy arrived in Walford as part of a horrifying child sexual abuse storyline which has revealed Mick was abused by Katy – who was his care worker – as a child.

Mick told Katy he wanted to tell wife Linda about his past

She has been gaslighting Mick, and told him that their daughter Frankie was not his and that he’d imagined the abuse she put him through when he was only 12. 

But as she now drips poison in his ear about his marriage to Linda and suggests he leave Walford, viewers have been left furious.

One wrote: “Katy is still grooming Mick, even to this day.”

Another seethed: “Ugh Katy is giving me the creeps. The way she talks and everything. She is still trying to manipulate Mick.”

A third raged: “Wow! She is a piece of work, proper in Micks head, twisted woman.”

But instead she told him to leave Linda
Katy arrived in Walford and has been gaslighting Mick

It has been revealed he was abused when he was in a care home as a teen

He has been pulling away from wife Linda

Mick told Katy that Linda was the “only person who has known me” and the “only woman I have ever loved” but Katy suggested there was nothing left to save as she has been cheating on him with Max Branning.”

“Cheating isn’t a cause of a relationship ending, its the sympton of a relationship that has ended, I am sorry but it’s true,” she claimed.

“She has already left you. How much support is she offering you, how much joy? Will she ever? If you want to get through this maybe you are better off leaving Walford for good?”

The BBC One soap cast Bad Girls actress Simone Lahbib in the role of Katy.

Mum Shirley was one who bought Katy to the Square

Frankie’s arrival made him realise Katy had birthed their daughter

Katy is now manipulating Mick

Katy was Mick’s care worker and abused him after he was put in care as a child.

EastEnders viewers quickly realised that something wasn’t right when Frankie dropped the bombshell that she was his estranged daughter earlier this month.

The small age gap between the father and daughter left fans wondering if Mick had been abused. 

The BBC soap has worked with SurvivorsUK and the NSPCA on the abuse storyline to make sure Mick’s story is as accurate as possible.

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