EastEnders fans slam ‘sick’ romance between Honey and Jay as they predict shock love affair


EASTENDERS fans have slammed the “sick” romance between Honey Mitchell and Jay Brown after the soap teased a future romance.

Fans predicted there’ll be a shock love affair between the shopkeeper and Jay after the BBC soap said the pair will be the focus of post-lockdown storylines.

EastEnders fans slam ‘sick’ romance between Honey and Jay as they predict shock love affair

EastEnders teased Honey and Jay will become embroiled in the same plot and viewers were convinced there will be a “sick” romance between the two despite them being part of the same family.

Jay was raised by Honey’s ex-husband Billy – who is in a relationship with Lola Pearce.

But it seems their relationship also hit the rocks during lockdown.

Fans think Jay may have turned to Honey for emotional support, with feelings developing between the pair.

Honey is the focus of a lockdown story that EastEnders will reveal next month

But they admitted the idea of Honey and Jay embarking on a romance in lockdown made them feel “sick”.

One fan asked: “Are @bbceastenders hinting at something between jay and honey?”

Another said: “If they go THERE with jay and honey I might be a bit sick.”

And another fan tweeted: “Me single handedly stanning jay and honey omg i’m sick and twisted.”

Jay is with Lola but it seems their relationship hit the rocks during lockdown

However, some fans came to other conclusions, saying Honey could step in and be the mum Jay never had.

A second added: “Can people stop saying something going to happen between Honey and Jay just bc they’ve grown close don’t give EE any ideas he’s probably just going to start seeing her as the mother he never had and she’ll probably support him when it comes out about Lola and Peter.”

Another fan commented: “omg tf why have i come back to you all thinking ee’s gonna put jay n honey together omfg ?!?? not every time someone bonds w someone it means romantically im scared for u all.”

Honey and Billy are separated

Fans know that Jay is yet to find out about Lola’s fling with Peter Beale.

Elsewhere, EastEnders released images of Albert Square characters, and shared different teasers for Ben Mitchell, Dotty Cotton and Gray Atkins.