EastEnders fans spot blunder as random people seen watching gunman Martin Fowler kidnap Linda Carter


EASTENDERS fans reckon they’ve spied a blunder after spotting four people casually watching gunman Martin Fowler kidnap Linda Taylor.

Eagle-eyed viewers saw a crowd milling around on a bridge outside the creepy building where the fruit-and-veg man grabbed the Queen Vic landlady.

Four people were spotted watching on as Martin Fowler tackled Linda Carter

One wrote: “People casually walking on a bridge nearby, while within the distance they could see and hear, Martin is yelling at and chasing Linda while she’s screaming in terror.

“I’m assuming the area just wasn’t blocked for the location shoot.”

Another said: “I thought the exact same thing, someone on that bridge would have heard one of the three gunshots.”

Blasts rang out from the abandoned warehouse as Martin shot at Keanu – before drunk Linda grabbed the gun and blasted him in the shoulder.

Drunk Linda’s bad luck continued when Martin spied her outside
A group of random people appeared to be enjoying a live version of EastEnders
He grabbed the Queen Vic landlady – while people looked on from a bridge
Inside, a crazed Martin was on the brink of shooting Keanu

He had earlier tackled her outside after spying her by the van, where she had been sleeping off a marathon booze session.

Martin was shown grabbing a screaming Linda and dragging her inside where Keanu was tied up awaiting his grim punishment for sleeping with Phil Mitchell’s wife Sharon.

However, several passers-by, who presumably were members of the public on the day of filming, were seen watching on.

In the end, Linda saved Keanu’s life, persuading Martin that they could fake his death by shooting him in the shoulder.

The mechanic was left begging for his life in the tense episode
He played dead after being shot in the shoulder to fool Ben Mitchell
Last night, he said goodbye to mum Karen – as Martin Fowler looked on

Martin then filmed footage of him lying ‘dead’ on the floor – before letting the lad escape to the airport and freedom from the Mitchells.

Last night, viewers saw him at the airport about to make his escape after a tearful goodbye with mum Karen.

Today, Lorraine Stanley, the actress who plays her, posted a picture of Keanu in hospital, which some fans have taken as a sign there will be another flashback episode of EastEnders.