EastEnders fans stunned by Dot having A MILLION in her account as Sonia tries to steal it


EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Dot Branning’s wealth was revealed.

The elderly Christian – who is played by actress June Brown in the BBC soap – was told by her bank how someone had tried to take 5,000 from her bank account this week.

Dot’s got more than a million sitting in her bank account

And after a Christmas full of Dotty Cotton hurling accusations against everyone in the house, it was revealed Sonia had been the one to try to steal the money.

She made a big show of phoning the bank after Dotty went around accusing everyone of the attempted theft.

However it was revealed as she was speaking on the phone that she had unplugged the phone and was pretending.

She told the family the bank had explained it was Russian hackers stealing from her and not a member of her own family but it became clear that it was her when she logged out of Dot’s bank account.

Dot’s hefty bank balance was shown tonight
Sonia had tried to steal 5k from it

But the big shock came when Dot’s balance was revealed to be more than a million pounds.

Viewers knew Dot had inherited a lot of money from Dr Legg when he left her his entire estate.

They thought she had spent the money on buying her large East Ender of London house as well as spending money on her family.

However she revealed tonight that she had done all of that already and still had almost 1.2m left and viewers were in shock.

One wrote: “Is no one gonna talk about the fact that dot has a million quid in the bank or are we all millionaires these days?! #EastEnders”

A second said: “WTF is Dot doing with 1.1m in the bank? #EastEnders”

Another added: “How on earth has Dot Cotton got over 1m in the bank!! Where have I gone wrong, haha.
@bbceastenders #dotcotton #EastEnders #NewYearsDay #NewYear”