EastEnders fans think Sharons baby will turn out to be Phils in surprise Christmas twist


EASTENDERS fans are convinced that Sharon’s baby will turn put to be Phil’s in a surprise twist.

With the Christmas special looming viewers of the BBC 1 soap are questioning whether Sharon’s baby really is Keanu’s after all.

EastEnders fans think Sharon’s baby will turn out to be Phil’s in surprise twist

Viewers have been following Sharon’s pregnancy over the last nine months after a series of romps with Keanu Taylor, 20 behind Phil Mitchell’s back.

But fans still think that the baby could still belong to her husband.

Talking about the potential plot twist one fan said: “I can see the twist being it’s Phil’s baby afterall. Not sure how they will do it but it wouldn’t shock me.”

“In the long run, the baby being Sharon and Phil’s would have way more of an impact and more potential. Say the baby did turn out to be Sharon and Phil’s…there would be some pretty strong connections,” another said.

Sharon has been keeping the identity of her unborn child a secret from her husband Phil

A third said: “It could be, I just really hope there’s a twist where it’s neither Phil’s or Keanu’s baby.”

Another said: “I think it almost certainly will be Phil’s kid. It kind of has to be. Does anyone really believe they will split Phil and Sharon up permanently? I can’t see it.”

A fifth wrote: “Its still very likely to be Phils, I still maintain that the show wouldnt reveal the dad in a Monday episode in the middle of summer, she will have used the wrong dna sample and it will have ended up being Keanus DNA instead of Phils.”

One fan even joked: “Please let the father be Grant.”

The pair got down and dirty a number of times in secret and nearly got caught

Sharon began her secret affair with the 20-year-old mechanic after he helped out with her son Dennis, 13 – who got into a spot of bother with some bullies.

They went on to get down and dirty a number of times behind her husband’s back while he was away on business trips and called it quits because they knew what they were doing was wrong.

Soon after Phil returned they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and started sleeping with each other again.

Upon his arrival the Mitchell hardman decided to seek help from Keanu to protect his daughter Louise from a group of gangsters – and the young couple ended up falling for each other.

Keanu’s girlfriend and Sharon’s step-daughter Louise is also pregnant with Keanu’s baby

Sharon’s step-daughter Louise was also pregnant with his baby and engaged to the mechanic.

Viewers will have to wait until next week to see the aftermath of Sharon’s lies as the soap released an explosive trailer ahead of Christmas day exposing how the Mitchell family deals with the news.

Viewers can expect to see Phil and Louise coming to terms with the shocking news – and in classic Phil Mitchell style – the bad boy decides to get revenge on the young boy who got his wife and daughter pregnant.

Eastenders boss Kate Oates revealed that this Christmas special is going to be the most explosive one yet.

The secret affair has been a major storyline this year and is about to explode
Phil plans to get his revenge as Keanu is the father of his daughter and wife’s baby
She said: “It’s going to be a big Mitchell extravaganza and all of the things that that covers but as I say, we will be pulling in some other characters into the storyline that you wouldn’t expect.

“It mixes up the dynamics in a really refreshing way.

“What I like about it is you know you think of the classic affair reveals and how that might play out and they’re always exciting and they’re always good value for money but we want it to go differently with this, so we have.”

The special episode will hit our screens at 9.30pm on Christmas Day.