EastEnders favourite quits soap after three years in shock exit


EASTENDERS star Jaz Deol has quit the soap after three years.

The actor – who plays businessman Kheerat Panesar in the BBC soap – has moved on to new things with his final scenes airing tonight.

Kheerat was arrested at the end of the episode

Kheerat’s final scenes aired in the BBC soap tonight

Suki and Kheerat had a heart-to-heart

A BBC spokeswoman confirmed the news, telling HOAR: “We can confirm that Jaz has left EastEnders and we wish him all the very best for the future.”

In tonight’s episode, Kheerat made the shock decision to confess to Ranveer Gulati’s murder in the hopes of saving his mum from life in prison.

But when Suki found out about his plan, she slapped him and demanded he stop his plans.

“You’re not just my son,” Suki told him.

“You’re my heart. You’re the reason I get up every morning and the reason I count my blessings every night.

“I need your strength. I need you at my side if I’m going to get through this, so you promise me that this is over.”

However Kheerat had made his mind up and summoned his siblings to a meeting.

He told them he had a plan to keep their mum out of prison, and warned them to keep her safe from their dad Nish and Ravi.

“She’s going to need protecting especially from dad,” he told them.

“You’d do the same if it was your mum,” he told girlfriend Stacey Slater as he said goodbye to her.

“I’ve called the police – they’re on their way. If my mum goes to prison then my entire family falls apart and I can’t let that happen. I’m just sorry.”

After an emotional goodbye with Stacey, Kheerat went outside and told Eve that his mum will need her, before he was surrounded by police.

Stacey rushed outside to tell him she understands before he was driven away.

Meanwhile across the Square Suki was held back by her abusive husband and prevented from stopping Kheerat giving himself up.

His final scenes have now aired with the BBC confirming actor Jaz’s exit and fans are in shock.

One wrote: “Kheerat no!! This will not work!!”

A second said: “Nooo we’re losing Kheerat.”

Another added: “Nah that’s made me sad I didn’t want Kheerat to go.”

Stacey was heartbroken at Kheerat’s decision