EastEnders favourite returns to chaos after shock exit


STACEY Slater has been greatly concerned about finances in her household, mostly due to her daughter’s pregnancy.

But she could finally get a breather from all the pressure when another beloved EastEnders character comes back to the Square.

One fan favourite character comes back to Walford

Martin Fowler spent several weeks abroad

He tried to raise money for his family

The bap van owner played by Lacey Turner was shocked to find her twelve-year-old daughter Lily was pregnant after sleeping with Ricky Mitchell.

In an attempt to support her throughout the pregnancy, Stacey accepted her decision to keep the baby but she’s having to pay the literal cost of it all.

Money is becoming a growing cause for concern within the Slater household and Kat Slater (portrayed by Jessie Wallace) decides to give Stacey a hand.

In scenes due to air next week on BBC One, the owner of Kat’s Cabs announces she’ll be using Mitchell money to solve all their troubles.

As viewers of the London-based drama will remember, Kat is romantically involved with Walford tough man Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who is at the head of a vast criminal empire.

Unfortunately, proud and stubborn Stacey categorically refuses Kat’s help and a row between both women ensues.

Later on, Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) tries to broker peace between Kat and Stacey but fails.

However, another character can get through to Stacey – her former husband Martin Fowler.

Actor James Bye returns to our screens next week after his character’s stay in Turkey.

Fans of the long running drama will remember that the market trader left the Square in an attempt to raise money for his family abroad – and his trip is seemingly successful.

In later scenes, Martin returns home flush with cash and ready to counsel a headstrong Stacey.

He is able to make her see that refusing Kat’s help isn’t in her best interest and she agrees to apologise.

But just as it looks like Martin was able to get through to Stacey and a truce is called between the warring women, it all kicks off again.

Can Martin help stop the conflict?

Despite their many arguments throughout the years and multiple occasions during which they have disowned one another, Stacey and Kat have always managed to find peace.

Will this argument be their last straw?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Martin left the Square to make money abroad for his family and pregnant daughter Lily

But will he really be able to help Stacey?