EastEnders’ Jessica Plummer in tears after screaming row in the street with her daughter’s father


EASTENDERS star Jessica Plummer got into a screaming row with the father of her daughter – which ended with her sobbing in the street. 

The soap star, whose tragic character Chantelle Atkins will die onscreen this Friday at the hands of abusive husband Gray, got into a fight with the father of her daughter – leaving onlookers shocked. 

EastEnders star Jessica Plummer was left in tears after a screaming match with her boyfriend Jaz
Jessica and Jaz stood on opposite sides of a car as they yelled at each other

The argument kicked off as the childhood sweethearts walked up Streatham Hill in South London. 

“I looked out of the window because there was a huge public row going on, and I could hear a woman screaming at someone,” an eyewitness tells HOAR Online. 

“As soon as I saw her, I realised it was Chantelle from EastEnders. I recognised her straight away. 

Distressed Jessica rages at Jazz across the roof of the car
An eye witness says they heard Jessica calling him ‘selfish’
Jessica continues to scream
Jessica was caught shouting at her daughter’s father

“After they finished screaming at each other she sat down on a wall and cried and he stormed off in one direction and she walked off the other way.”

In the video, taken on Wednesday 9 September at 10.59am, Jessica is caught shouting at her daughter’s father, known only as Jaz. 

“You’re selfish. You’re selfish,” she repeats, before being heard to call him “a sneaky person”. 

The row rumbles on as Jessica walks away in tears
The couple are said to have made it up and insisted ‘it’s not a big deal’
Jessica shares a daughter with teenage sweetheart Jaz

“I couldn’t believe such a huge soap star was fighting in the street and so publicly,” the eyewitness told HOAR Online. 

“It was so loud the whole street could hear.”

However, a source close to Jessica tells HOAR Online: “Things got said in the heat of the moment but it’s all blown over now. It’s not a big deal.”

Former pop star Jessica has always kept the father of her daughter, 4, out of the spotlight – only posting a video of him celebrating her pregnancy in 2016, telling followers: “Couldn’t be happier to be starting a family with my childhood sweetheart.”

The actress has been written out of EastEnders

Her character Chantelle is set to die

Jessica joined EastEnders in March last year as battered wife Chantelle.

Horrified viewers have watched in recent weeks as she tried to escape violent husband Gray. 

The former Neon Jungle singer’s exit was announced earlier this month, and her last day on screen will be this Friday.