EastEnders Katie Jarvis calls herself a lairy b***h as she joins Instagram and shares touching family snaps


EASTENDERS’ Katie Jarvis has called herself a “lairy bitch” as she joins Instagram, posting a series of touching family photos.

The 28-year-old actress shot to fame as mouthy Hayley Slater in the BBC One soap, and it seems like she isn’t too different to her Walford alter ego.

Katie has joined Instagram

The bio of her new social media page reads: “Mum first and foremost! Biggest Sister of 4 girls”.

Another line continues: “Lairy bitch” alongside two shrugging emojis, with Katie also linking to her acting agent on the page.

So far, there are just 10 posts on her account- with several showing her younger sisters, who she said are rarely in the same room together.

On a grainy black and white snap of all four women, Katie wrote: “A VERY VERY RARE PHOTO of me and all 3 of my sisters together.

She calls herself a ‘lairy bitch’ in the bio
The star posts snaps with her three sisters

“Sadly there’s only ever really 2,or 3 of us in the same room, at the same time any more.

“Getting all 4 of us in 1 place is like trying to herd sheep”.

She added: “These girls are like having another 3 daughters on top of my own kids and even tho they’re complete and utter hardwork mouthy nightmare bitches, they’re mine”.

Katie is mum to 10-year-old Lillie-Mae and son Alfie, eight.

Katie [centre] admits it’s rare to have all of her siblings together
She also shared a behind-the-scenes shot from one of her films

Another candid snap shows the actress behind the scenes while filming Let’s Talk About George.

In the picture, she is sticking her tongue out, with the star writing: “Even though we are trying to raise awareness on mental health and suicide, it shows behind the scenes of me in a state of happiness and laughter because of the people I was surrounded by. That’s what life is meant to be about!

“Being around good people and laughing as much as you can. Thank you to all of you involved x”.

A stunning selfie also teased new film work for the star, with Katie posing on a train with just two hashtags as a caption: “#londonbound” and “#filmmeeting”.

Katie played Hayley Slater in EastEnders

Last month it was revealed that Katie had landed her first role after it was revealed that she was working as a security guard in B&M.

The star has a leading role in Million Youth Media’s gritty short film Take Me in which she plays a mum struggling to make ends meet.

Katie kicked off her acting career in 2009 drama Fish Tank alongside Michael Fassbender, before landing the part of Hayley in EastEnders at the beginning of 2018.

The loudmouth character was at the centre of a major storyline in which she got pregnant with Alfie Moon’s baby after having an affair in Spain.

Their betrayal was discovered by Kat Slater in an explosive Christmas special – with Katie’s final scenes being aired in February last year.