EastEnders: Katy Lewis’s downfall explained


KATY Lewis gets visited by the police next week in EastEnders after her daughter Frankie turns on her.

But has Frankie – who has discovered that Katy abused her dad Mick Carter as a child – called the police and will it result in Katy’s downfall in the BBC One soap? Here’s the lowdown…

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Frankie turns on Katy next week in EastEnders

What do we know about Katy’s downfall in EastEnders?

EastEnders spoilers have revealed that someone will report Katy to the police next week after Frankie tells her she deserves everything that’s coming to her in a heated row.

When Katy hears the officers knocking at her door, she flees and heads over to Mick’s, where she accuses him of reporting her. 

But Mick tells her it must have been Frankie, before ordering her to leave. 

Katy manages to make matters worse for herself, however, by striking up an argument with Mick about the childhood abuse she subjected him to. 

Katy is horrified when she looks up to see Shirley standing in the doorway, having heard every word. 

Is this game over for Katy?

EastEnders are yet to confirm whether Katy will be taken away by the police or whether she manages to worm her way out of the situation, and viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Katy flees when the police knock on her door in EastEnders

What happened to Mick in EastEnders?

Mick was abused by his former care worker Katy Lewis after Shirley placed him in care as a child. 

The arrival of Mick’s daughter Frankie – who he fathered with Katy when he was just 12 – brought traumatic memories of the abuse flooding back.

But Katy complicated matters when she followed her daughter to the Square and convinced Mick he’d imagined the abuse – and that Frankie wasn’t his daughter. 

But after months of trying to process what had happened to him, Mick finally confronted Katy and forced her to admit she’d taken advantage of him. 

Mick tells Katy that Frankie must have reported her to the police

Is Simone Lahbib leaving EastEnders?

There’s no word from EastEnders or actress Simone Lahbib about her character Katy’s exit. 

So fans will have to stay tuned to find out whether she’s driven out of Walford by Mick’s friends and family. 

Speaking about Katy’s dark side, Simone recently told Digital Spy:  “I’ve found it very interesting and challenging. She is unlike any other character I’ve played, I tend to be offered strong but vulnerable characters who are fairly earnest.

“Katy is much more complex, damaged and dark. Where other characters I’ve played have been emotional and from the heart, Katy’s all from the head.

“Very clever and quick-thinking. She grooms people, gains trust, extracts information, then uses it to manipulate them.”

She added: “She wants to confuse Mick to the point he can’t trust his own memories, make him feel he can’t trust anyone else either, except her, so as to isolate him and make him easier to break down. Mick is a danger to Katy and she has no conscience about doing anything she feels she needs to protect herself.”