EastEnders’ Kim Fox exposed for horrific crime after Denzel wakes up in hospital


EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Kim Fox was exposed for causing the car crash tonight.

The influencer – who is played by actress Tameka Empson in the BBC soap – crashed her car after becoming distracted by text messages.

Denzel came round tonight and told his dad the truth about the crash

Howie is stunned when he hears the truth from his son

Viewers watched as she ignored the road while driving, so she could look at texts coming in on her sister Denise’s phone.

She crashed the car into a building, leaving stepson Denzel fighting for his life in hospital.

And in the time that passed, she didn’t confess to Howie about the true reason for the accident.

But tonight her luck ran out and Denzel woke up and exposed her.

Denzel woke up but was in serious pain and he tried to get his dad’s attention as he ranted about the man in the road.

“Dad, the man in the road,” he said, asking: “Is he hurt?”

But as Howie told him that the man would get everything he deserved, Denzel had a shock for his dad.

“No, dad please you can’t blame him,” he said struggling to speak through the pain. 

“There’s something I have to tell you. The crash it weren’t his fault. Kim was on her phone.”

Howie’s face turned dark as he realised what Denzel had told him.

And fans are predicting fireworks and devastation for the influencer.

One wrote: “Go on Denz! Good lad!”

A second said: “So glad that Denzel remembered what happened and shopped Kim to his dad.”

Another added: “whoever has been writing the episodes in the past two days deserve a pay rise or promotion because it was two amazing episodes.”

What will Kim say when she finds out her partner knows the truth?
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