EastEnders’ Kim Fox takes on Phil Mitchell over Vincent’s murder, reveals Tameka Empson


EASTENDERS favourite Kim Fox has vowed to make Phil Mitchell pay as she dropped a dramatic bombshell about her missing husband Vincent Hubbard’s fate.

After getting on the wrong side of gangster Aidan Maguire, Vincent vanished from Walford over three years ago.

Phil fears the repercussions of his actions after Kim goes to the police
Denise is stunned when Phil reveals he wants to take Raymond away from the Square

Growing suspicious of her missing husband’s whereabouts, Kim has been determined to discover the truth about Vincent’s whereabouts – especially after his name popped up on a taxi booking.

After suspecting foul play and questioning Phil, Kim sensationally revealed to Denise that she believed Phil was responsible for murdering him, affirming: “I will make him pay.”

The stark conversation began with Kim confiding in Denise, claiming: “Phil knows exactly what happened to Vincent. 

“He’s involved in that world, innit? He knew the people that were out to get him.”

Prompting protestations from Denise, Kim questioned: “Please, Phil told you that Vincent disappeared to protect himself and us?”

Biting back, Kim responded: “That’s a lie and he was lying again to me today – I could feel it.

“I knew he was hiding something from his body language and then there’s the money that he gave me. 

“If he’s kind, he’s kind for a reason – there are too many flares leading back to him.”

A frustrated Denise then argued: “Just exactly what are you saying?”

Without hesitation, looking her sister squarely in the eye, Kim dramatically responded: “I don’t just think Phil knows what happened to Vincent.

“I think he killed him and, if he did, I will make him pay.”

This episode airs on Monday, 25 October at 8:05pm on BBC One.