EastEnders legend Ellen Thomas demands answers over Ellie Nixon’s sudden exit


EASTENDERS legend Ellen Thomas has demanded answers over Ellie Nixon’s sudden exit.

The actress – who played Claudette Hubbard in the BBC soap – wants to know why Ellie’s stint as a villain was so short.

Ellen wants Ellie back as much as the fans

Taking to Twitter, she posted a story about Ellie’s final scenes with the words: “Why??? What’s really going on here???Surely We EE fans deserve an explanation?”

It comes after fans demanded the return of Ellie after Mica Paris bowed out of the soap less than a month from starting.

The singer was always meant to play villain Ellie for a short-term guest stint, but fans are desperate for her to return.

Ellie was forced into giving up adopted grandson Raymond by Phil

Ellie’s storyline came to an end last night as Phil forced her into signing over custody of Raymond to him and Denise.

He had tricked her into thinking he had planted drugs in one of her properties after Callum and DI Thompson arranged for four of them to be raided.

The gangster granny had tried to sell Raymond to Phil for £250k, but he out manoeuvred her with Callum’s help.

He tricked her into thinking she would go to prison if she didn’t

Raymond is now living with his biological mum Denise Fox

Furious Ellie thought she was collecting her money before Phil and Ritchie blindsided her.

And with Raymond now returned to his biological mother Denise, with Phil hopeful of getting custody from her, Ellie is no longer in the picture.

It’s safe to say that fans are furious with the development.

One wrote: “Ellie is going to come back with a vengeance. When Denise and Phil least expect it – BAM! Raymond has been kidnapped…”

A second said: “I hope she comes back. I loved her and somebody needs to take Phil down.”

Another added: “I expected more of Ellie. That was all over too quickly. That’s a shame, she was epic!”