EastEnders Linda Carter has sex with Max Branning leaving viewers horrified


EASTENDERS fans were left horrified tonight when Linda Carter ran back to Max Branning behind husband Mick’s back – and ended up having sex with him.

The businessman has made his feelings towards the laundrette assistant very clear in recent months and things turned up a notch on tonight’s episode.

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Linda cheated on Mick with Max

During a visit from Mick’s carer Katy Lewis, Linda overheard him saying some kind words about her and decided to make a special effort by dressing up in a sparkly pink dress.

She said to her husband: “I just wanted to say thank you for talking about me like that to Katy.”

Mick replied: “It’s true.”

The pair started kissing but Mick’s mind was clearly elsewhere.

Max took Linda by the hand and led her upstairs
They enjoyed a steamy kiss
Max and Linda got down and dirty in tonight’s episode

Linda and Mick have been distant in recent months

The former Queen Vic landlord confessed he’s the problem, not her – and Linda has no idea about the abusive history between him and his carer Katy.

Linda shouted in despair: “What about you? Don’t you fancy me anymore? Is that it? I still want you Mick. Don’t you want me?”

An unhappy Linda decided to go and get her attention from someone she knew would give her what she wants.

Max welcomed her into his house and she sighed: “What am I doing here?”

Linda couldn’t keep herself away from Max

As she put her bags down she asked: “Is it ok if I have a glass of wine?”

Before he could finish his reply, she jumped down his throat and accused her of being an alcoholic.

Max said: “I was going to say you don’t need my permission.

“Listen, you’re not some broken little girl Linda. You’re strong and you’re beautiful. You’re sexy. You know better than anyone what you need.”

Linda slowly walked over to Max and the pair started passionately kissing, before they headed upstairs together hand in hand.

Fans of the BBC One soap were left shocked at Linda’s choice to go and pursue Max, considering what’s going on with poor Mick at the moment.

One wrote: “the linda carter i know would NEVER cheat on mick.”

A second said: “Oh Linda. Naughty. And whoever the kissing stunt double is was busy this ep.”

A third argued: “The way we’re supposed to be against Max and Linda but we’re all loving it.”

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