EastEnders Martin Fowler is revealed as Linda Carters sinister caller telling her If you breathe a word were dead


EASTENDERS’ Martin Fowler was tonight revealed to be the creepy caller who has been bombarding Linda Carter’s mobile phone with calls.

Soap viewers saw him loom out of the shadows at the end of the New Year’s Eve episode and tell her she would wind up dead if she revealed what they had done with Keanu Taylor.

Martin threatened Linda to keep quiet about what happened over Christmas

Linda and Martin have long been suspected by fans of having teamed up over Keanu’s ‘shooting’ – especially when she was seen wiping blood off her shoe.

Tonight, she was heard talking to him on the phone, pleading: “I need to see you. I need to talk about what we did. Find me or I’m coming to you.”

And he did find her – throwing the drunk landlady through a doorway and warning her she was on a fast-track to getting murdered herself.

Scared by how hammered she was, he asked: “Who have you talked to, Linda? You could have said anything to anyone. Have ya?”

Martin was revealed to be Linda’s mystery caller
Linda was terrified by his threats

She slurred: “No – it’s killing me. I can’t do this any more.”

Martin responded: “Well you’ve got to.” Pointing at her mouth, he went on: “Keep this shut. Understand?

“No one, no one can know. If you breathe a word about what we did, what happened at Christmas, then we’re dead. Both of us. We’re dead – do you understand?”

The gripping finale sets the show up perfectly for a big reveal tomorrow night, where fans are expected to be let in on another piece of the puzzle.

Martin had been bombarding Linda with calls from a burner phone

A flashback episode is scheduled to show what happened in the hours between Keanu being kidnapped by Martin and the fruit and veg man’s appearance outside the pub that night.

The Christmas Day episode say him playing Ben Mitchell a video that appeared to show Keanu being shot dead, but with viewers not shown the full footage, many believe the lad could still be alive.

Fans reacted with excitement at the news Martin was the mystery contact, tweeting: “No one can know what Martin?!? WHAT DID YOU AND LINDA DO AT CHRISTMAS?!?!?!? #EastEnders”

Another wrote: “#EastEnders OOOH Knew Linda & Martin were involved somehow!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!!”