EastEnders Mick and Linda have furious fight in front of a shocked Queen Vic after he announces their divorce


EASTENDERS fans were shocked tonight as Mick and Linda Carter’s growing hatred for each other spiralled out of control – in front of the whole Queen Vic.

The pair announced their divorce to the pub and as the credits rolled, he stood over his wife sprawled out on the floor and snarled: “See you in court.”

EastEnders fans were shocked tonight as Mick and Linda Carter’s growing hatred for each other spiralled out of control – in front of the whole Queen Vic

In true boxing-match style, Linda heralded the start of the public showdown by ringing the bell of the Queen Vic.

Addressing a packed audience including Jack Branning, Karen Taylor and Patrick Trueman, she asked: “You all think he’s so perfect, don’t you?

“Perfect landlord. Perfect husband. But when I nearly need him, he never actually steps up, not even when his own brother raped me.”

Linda was raped by Dean Wicks – who was later revealed to be Mick’s brother – in 2016.

Linda got the attention of the whole pub as she went on a drunken rant about Mick
Mick remained silent as his wife laid into him in front of everyone

Patrick tried to step in, cautioning: “Come on now, Linda, you’re taking this too far.”

Undeterred, she continued: “And what about the company this favourite landlord of yours keeps? His best mate Stuart?

“Remember him, Tina? Made your life a misery. And what did Mick do? He just let it happen. Even when your own son has a problem, you lock yourself in the barrel store and have a panic attack.”

Jack appealed: “You and Mick might have issues, but it’s not fair to drag us into it.”

Linda told the pub how Mick had never been there for her when she really needed him
She then dropped the bombshell that they were getting a divorce
The drunk landlady held up a glass to toast her future without Mick

Appealing to the assembled drinkers, she went on: “I ain’t dragging anyone into anything. One day you can back me up – in court. You can tell the judge what he’s nearly like.”

Puzzled, at the reference to court, the locals stared blankly, while Linda asked: “Oh, did I forget that?”

Fed up, Mick butted in: “Me and Linda are getting a divorce.”

She went on: “Yeah. We are. Do you know what? It’s like this big black cloud lifting from above my head. So come on, raise your glasses to the future as it should be.”

But she fell over and looked up to see Mick peering at her over the bar
Mick told his wife he would see her in court before the show’s duff duff’s kicked in

With that, the drunk toppled to the floor, smashing a wine glass behind her.

As her husband loomed over her, Linda cried out: “Mick.” But he replied with a snarl simply: “See you in court.”

Fans were devastated by the couple’s crumbling relationship, with one tweeting: “Damn! That was a massive duff duff!”

Another wrote: “Really thought Mick and Linda would always be solid.”

A third added: “mick is so close to tears… bless his heart.”