EastEnders’ Natalie Cassidy reveals kind gesture she makes for every soap newcomer


EASTENDERS star Natalie Cassidy makes sure to support all new cast members when they join the BBC soap.

Natalie, 38, who has played Sonia since 1993 gives her personal phone number to all newcomers so they can call her at any time for support.

Eastenders’ Natalie Cassidy makes sure to look after new actors joining the soap

The soap legend was only 10 when she joined the soap and was herself supported by Walford legends, Barbra Windsor and Wendy Richard.

Natalie explained that she understands how “daunting” it can be to walk on to the Albert Sqaure set and likes to lend her support.

“I like to make myself known as soon as someone joins the show,” Natalie told Zoe Ball on her BBC Radio 2 breakfast show.

“I think it’s a daunting place to work. We’re so familiar to people and it is an institution.

“People come in, I give everyone a warm welcome, I give them my number and say: ‘If there’s anything you want, or if you need any advice, then just give me a ring.’ I think that’s really important.”

But not everyone has been keen for Natalie’s help.

“Some people don’t ring me. I don’t know why, Zoe?!” Natalie joked.

The radio host then quizzed Natalie about what it was like working opposite Eastenders icons at such a young age.

“At 10, I didn’t really know. I came into it and I knew it was a programme on the television and it was just a lovely place to be and to get out of school,” Natalie replied.

“I used to come along and talk to everyone, and in hindsight, I look back at all of the legendary people that we’ve lost now, like Dame Barbara Windsor and Wendy Richard.

“The things I’ve learnt from those women, and I hope to take that through and teach the youngsters.”

For eager fans listening to her interview, she teased a massive storyline coming up for the nurse.

“Sonia is quite quiet at the moment, she’s not doing too much, pootling along, working hard at the hospital. But there’s quite a lot to come for her in the future shall we say,” Natalie revealed.

“Is she not one of those characters that always needs the heartbreak? She’s one of the most grounded in the Square, and she’s always going to have the heartache.”

The actress who plays nurse Sonia gives her phone number to newcomers if they ever need her support

She joined the soap when she was just 10 years old and was mentored by the likes of Barbra Windsor and Wendy Richard

Natalie joined the soap in 1993 and promised a huge storyline coming up for her character