EastEnders Phil Mitchell will get back together with ex Sharons arch-rival Shirley Carter say fans


EASTENDERS viewers are convinced Phil Mitchell will get back with cheating wife Sharon’s arch-rival Shirley Carter in the new year.

Fans of the BBC soap reckon the ex-lovers will reunite following Phil’s dramatic split from Sharon.

Eastenders fans have insisted that Phil and Shirley will get back together

Walford’s resident hard man is single again after kicking Sharon out.

The couple came to blows during the show’s explosive Christmas episode, with Sharon being exposed for her cheating ways.

In true EastEnders style, much of the drama went down in the Vic, with Sharon revealing she had bedded Keanu Taylor to the entire pub.

And now, fans have insisted Phil will turn to Shirley in the wake of his marriage breakdown.

The former couple were last an item in 2014

Phil is now single following his split from Sharon

Pregnant Sharon was exposed as a cheat as Phil kicked her out on Christmas

One predicted: “I want him and Shirley back together. She’s the only one that matched him in balls.”

Another said: “I can see Phil and Shirley reuniting though, even if only for a one night stand. Plus it would create unnecessary drama in the Vic when it does happen.”

A third wrote: “I am thinking Sharon & he will reunite before it blows up for good.”

The pair – who are played by actors Steve McFadden and Linda Henry – have a passionate history on the soap.

Their rumoured romance will come as a blow for Sharon, who is arch-rivals with Shirley

Phil may need a shoulder to cry on following his explosive Christmas

They were last an item in 2014 when they had an affair before Phil’s wedding to Sharon before the newlyweds realised they did actually love each other.

However, the former couple have certainly got closer on the soap in the past year as Phil took Shirley on board for his dodgy business dealings.

Shirleys also helped him track down his money that the Slater family were keeping hold of.

But with Shirley and Sharon now living in the Vic together, would rekindling his former romance be the ultimate slap in the face for Phil’s cheating wife?