EastEnders reveals first look at return as Ian betrays Max and Isaac and Jack clash


EASTENDERS has given fans the first look at its return in September with the Branning brothers involved in two furious rows.

In tonight’s Secrets from the Square, spoiler clips were shown of Max Branning rowing with Ian Beale over the restaurant business and Jack Branning rowing with teacher Isaac over daughter Amy.

Max rages at Ian as he realises what he’s done to him
Slippery Ian has taken Max’s money

Jack appears to be accusing Isaac of something as the pair clash over Amy – with the school girl shouting at her dad to stop.

And in the other clip Max is furious with Ian for taking everything he has.

It comes as Jake Wood hinted businessman Ian Beale is going to betray Max over the restaurant money.

The actor – who plays Max in the BBC soap – appeared on tonight’s Secrets from the Square and dropped a few spoilery hints about what fans can expect in September.

Jake Wood teased the new storyline

Viewers know that Max signed his half of Walford East over to Ian to prevent his estranged wife Rainie from getting her hands on it in the divorce.

However, Jake has hinted that this is a huge mistake for Max with slippery Ian poised to take everything from Max.

He said: “Max half owns a restaurant with Ian Beale but I think just before lockdown you saw him sign it over to Ian because he’s trying to hide the money from Rainie because the divorce has been finalised.

Max and Ian will be at loggerheads again
The actors spoke about what fans can expect in September

“So Ian offers to take on half of the business to prevent Rainie from getting any of the divorce money.

“Max thought it sounded like a great idea, so… that’s where we’re at.”

Jake and host Stacey Dooley then laughed about it being a “great idea” hinting Max was about to lose everything.

It comes after Ian actor Adam Woodyatt hinted Ian would be struggling financially after buying the Queen Vic days before lockdown.

Fans were left speechless as Sharon and Ian swooped in to buy the Queen Vic, leaving Sharon’s ex-husband and prospective buyer Phil Mitchell raging and setting the scene nicely for the soap’s famous doof doof theme tune.

“He’s got a soft spot for Sharon, and he feels guilty,” said Adam trying to explain Ian’s actions.

“He feels guilty, he’s done it out of guilt and there is probably going to be financial ramifications with lockdown, any money Ian thought he had to buy the Vic, he’s not going to have much of going forward.

“I have had that hinted at, there’s so much uncertainty, we don’t know.”

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