EastEnders’ Sharon Watts WILL murder Ian Beale after Phil Mitchell uses Dennis’ death to convince her


EASTENDERS’ Sharon Watts is going to murder Ian Beale after ex Phil Mitchell talked her out of abandoning her revenge plan.

The landlady – who is played by actress Letitia Dean in the BBC soap – had called off her plan to poison Ian for revenge for her dead son Dennis, and tonight she told ex Phil.

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Sharon Watts will murder Ian Beale

But he wasn’t having any of it and told her: “You’re the strongest woman I know and I’m Peggy Mitchell’s son. 

“It’s what Ian put you through – that’s the difference. Dennis was innocent but Ian ain’t.”

Using Dennis’ death to convince her into it, Phil added: “You know what I can’t live with, I can’t live with the fact that I was there and my boy was down on that boat fighting for his life and spineless Ian Beale was looking out for himself like he always does. 

Ian doesn’t know what’s about to hit him

“Our boy Sharon, he must have been gasping for air, his lungs must have filled with water. 

“Ian took our son away and he has to pay. You don’t have to do anything, I’ll do it.”

Now convinced, Sharon told him she would be the one to kill her husband.

“No, it should be me,” she said. 

Phil convinced Sharon to get it done

“I’m the one he lied to all those months, the one he tricked into marrying him, but it needs doing quickly. I can’t go on like this.”

Phil agreed to get stronger poison to finish off Ian quickly: “I’ll get something stronger – it’ll take minutes not hours.”

Later Phil handed over the powder to Sharon in the pub, and Ian clocked the exchange.

Ian asked Sharon if there was anything she wanted to tell him – anything at all – but back to her steely determination to kill him, she insisted there wasn’t.

Fans are terrified for Ian as Sharon’s got murder on her mind.

He gave her the white powder for the job

One wrote: “Are you really killing off Ian Beale?! Surely not?!”

A second said: “Ian did play a part in Denny’s death but I don’t think he deserves to die for it.”

Another added: “I loved Sharon, but how do you expect people to still care about a character when they try to kill someone?”