EastEnders shock as George Knight issues chilling threat to Linda Carter


EASTENDERS fans are in shock after George Knight threatened Linda Carter when she discovered his lies about his bar in Spain.

The former professional boxer – who is played by actor Colin Salmon in the BBC soap – arrived last week in Walford to join lover Elaine Peacock in the Vic.

Linda and George had a tense face-off

George issued her with a chilling threat

But that was news to Elaine’s daughter Linda, who was horrified when George proposed to Elaine to escape being kicked out.

After George convinced Elaine to marry him, Linda made another shocking discovery – and confronted him with it.

“You think you’re so clever, don’t you?” said Linda as she confronted George with what she’s found.

“You clearly struggle with numbers. £255k for some silly little bar in Spain? I’ve checked other listings in the area and there is nothing over a ton.

“I heard you tell Gina that your bar isn’t being sold any time soon. And that’s because you’ve not got any intention of selling it, have you?”

She added: “So what are you really here for?

“To bleed my mum dry and then head back to the beach with all your debts cleared? Or is it just a game for you? 

“Or are you so ashamed that your wife left you that you’re out to con every desperate woman with a few quid in her back pocket? What is it then? Tell me?”

George looked furious and told Linda: “What I do with my bar is my business and if I were you I’d start minding my own because I’m here now and I ain’t going anywhere.”

His chilling threat left Linda shaken and fans are in shock.

One wrote: “Oh dear Linda.”

A second said: “Linda be back on the vodka soon.”

Another added: “Oh dear – a confrontation between Linda and George.”