EastEnders shock as Ravi Gulati’s true identity is exposed after cruel betrayal

EastEnders,01-11-2022,6583,EastEnders|Suki Kaur Panesar (BALVINDER SOPAL),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 25TH OCTOBER 2022*** , BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

EASTENDERS viewers are in shock after Ravi Gulati betrayed Suki Panesar – before his shocking secret was revealed.

The restaurant owner was meant to back Suki’s story about Ranveer’s disappearance up to the police, but instead he opted to stick with his plan to frame her for his dad’s murder.

Suki was left stunned as she discovered Ravi is Nish’s son

Nish demanded Suki to welcome Ravi into the family

Choosing Nina and their plan over Suki, Ravi betrayed the Panesars.

Speaking to the police he contradicted Suki’s claim that Ranveer left after Ravi – putting her squarely in the frame for his murder.

Back in Walford, Ravi lied to Nish about what he had done – and got an invite to a family dinner in return.

But it didn’t go well – with Vinny enraged at why Ravi was there – demanding to know why he was eating a meal with the woman who killed his dad.

Demanding he leave, Vinny made Ravi get up and demanded to know how he is family.

“He is family,” Nish said as he stood up.

“No more secrets, no more. Before your mother and I were married, before we were even together, I had an affair with Ranveer’s first wife – Ravi’s mum.

“Ranveer isn’t Ravi’s real dad – I am.”

In the kitchen, Suki was furious at Nish for lying to her for decades but he manipulated her into backing him.

He warned her that Ravi could change his statement at any time – unaware of what he’d done – and so Suki was forced to welcome him to the family.

Viewers are in shock at the twist.

One wrote: “Could Suki totally just be playing Nish? Keep your friends close & your enemies closer & all that. How long before he goes the same way as Ranveer? Christmas? Hopefully it won’t be dragged out for years”

A second said: “I’m shocked that Nish revealed Ravi was his son to all of them so soon. I thought it was going to be an X-mas reveal!”

Another added: “Nish finally revealed Ravi is his son.”

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