EastEnders shock as Stuart Highway lies and claims Sonia Fowler has cancer


EASTENDERS fans are horrified at Stuart Highway for lying and saying Sonia Fowler has cancer.

The funeral director – who is played by actor Ricky Champ in the BBC soap – has been diagnosed with breast cancer himself but is desperate to hide it.

Stuart is in denial about having breast cancer
He lied to his wife Rainie

After he attacked her the night before, Sonia insisted she understood but told him to get his act together.

She made him go back to the doctor and sat with him as he was told his options.

Afterwards he thanked her and they had a touching heart to heart in the Square – but Rainie spotted him and assumed the worst.

Rainie said: “I want to see what you’re up to because I just saw you two. 

“You were very intense with Sonia, the same Sonia who brought you back last night.”

She began going through Stuart’s pockets, determined to find proof of his affair.

But instead she found leaflets about breast cancer – and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

“That ain’t what you think,” Stuart said. 

“There’s a problem, a really big problem and me and Sonia were just talking about it.”

But seeing the leaflets and hearing his words, Rainie thought Sonia was the one with breast cancer.

Her mum had it, didn’t she? Has she got it?”

Shockingly Stuart said she had – and decided to hide his own illness from her.

Viewers were horrified at his behaviour.

One wrote: “How stupid of you Stuart.”

A second said: “Stuart you should of told rainie the truth and not lied.”

Another added: “Arghh are you kidding me? Why can’t Stuart just tell Rainie the truth?”

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