EastEnders shock as Stuart Highway takes hostages as he spirals out of control

Stuart Highway on eastenders

EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Stuart Highway took hostages in the doctor’s surgery tonight.

The funeral director – who is played by actor Ricky Champ in the BBC soap – is suffering from post-natal depression after the birth of his son Roland.

Stuart was in a bad way in tonight’s episode

Stuart held patients hostage at the surgery

His spiralling mental health has seen him abandon Roland and wife Rainie.

Tonight he almost turned to drugs – but was stopped by wise words from Jada, and an interruption from Linda Carter.

He raged at Linda and left her terrified and upset, before going to apologise at the pub.

Instead he clashed with Mick and was left face down on the bar when Mick got the better of him.

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But after his run in with Mick, Stuart fled to the doctors.

Ash and the receptionist pointed out he didn’t have an appointment which left him furious.

“I can’t ring back in the morning, I need to see the doctor now,” he said. 

“I can’t wait. Look at me – does it look like I can wait? This is an emergency. I made an appointment, I did the right thing. 

“They misdiagnosed me. I don’t need anti-depressants because I’m not depressed. I’m angry, I’m frustrated and I can’t spend another night pacing up and down banging my head. 

“She needs to get out here now and make things right.”

“Stop ignoring me,” he shouted having grabbed the keys from behind the desk.

Locking the door, he told everyone waiting: “No-one’s going anywhere until I’ve seen the doctor.”

Viewers are in shock at Stuart taking hostages in the surgery.

One wrote: “These Stuart scenes are breaking my heart.”

A second said: “Stuart is trash and scum!”

Another added: “Stu holding the surgery hostage. It’s one way to get the doctor to see you.”

Fans could see he was not himself

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