EastEnders shock as Suki Panesar is framed for murder and betrayed by Ravi

BBC Eastenders Suki and Ravi

EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Suki Panesar was framed for murder.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Balvinder Sopal in the BBC soap – is convinced she killed Ranveer after he tried to rape her.

Eastenders shock twist as Ravi betrays Suki

Suki pleads with Ravi to go to the police

Viewers know that his son Ravi actually killed him off when trying to cover up Suki’s actions.

But tonight things took a dark twist.

With Suki barely able to hold herself together with the guilt of killing Ranveer, she decided she had to confess to the police.

Insisting the camera she had set up would show it was self-defence, Suki told Ravi she was going to hand herself in.

“I can’t carry on like this. I need to tell the truth,” she told him.

But Ravi refused to hand the footage over, pretending that he’d deleted it to protect her.

Instead he let Suki suffer by insisting that she would go to prison.

But, as soon as he was on his own, Ravi got to work editing the footage.

He cut off the point after Suki knocked Ranveer out, and edited out his own cleaning of the scene, killing his dad and disposing of his body.

And now fans are terrified for Suki and worried that Ravi is setting her up to go to prison for his crime.

One fan wrote: “Ravi lying to Suki about the recording…He really is playing a dangerous game #Eastenders.”

A second said: “Suki is now under Ravi’s control #Eastenders.”

“Ravi acts like he’s on Suki’s side but he isn’t he’s manipulating her and is very controlling,” a third viewer commented.

“My heart just broke here…please let Suki be happy I beg,” added a fouth fan.

It looks like Ravi plans to frame Suki with the edited footage, but some viewers don’t think he’ll get away with it.

One said: “Ravi is not very clever, if the police ever saw that recording they can tell if it’s be tampered with. #Eastenders.”

Other fans shared their theories for how they think the storyline is going to play out.

“Eve and Kheerat are going to team up to bring down Ravi calling it now #Eastenders,” one viewer said.

Another said: “Ravi’s gonna slip up – I think Kheerat will find that USB stick and discover what Ravi is doing to Suki #Eastenders.”

Eastenders continues on Monday at 7:30pm on BBC One.