EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell discovers horrifying truth about Peter Beale


BEN Mitchell face the premises of an intense family feud as he’s on tenterhooks with his nephew Peter Beale.

Meanwhile, Kathy Beale desperately tries to keep the peace as her son makes a shock discovery in EastEnders.

Ben Mitchell is still trying to recover from the trauma Lewis Butler left him with
But Jay soon tells him a shocking truth about Peter Beale

Peter recently found out Ben was responsible for his attack

Tensions are running high in Kathy’s (portrayed by Gillian Taylforth) family and more particularly between her son Ben (Max Bowden) and her grandson Peter (Dayle Hudson).

Next week, the owner of The Prince Albert is doing all she can to keep her family together as both characters are on the verge of coming to blows.

In upcoming scenes of the BBC One drama, Peter quizzes Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick), and the latter quickly realises he knows Ben attacked him.

Worried to see the situation escalate, Jay encourages Ben to tell him the truth.

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Ben takes Jay up on his advice and finds Peter to offer him an olive branch.

But instead of getting to the bottom of things and nipping any conflict in the bud, Peter makes it clear he’s less than interested in making amends.

Viewers may remember Peter was told the truth about his attack by Lewis Butler (Aidan O’Callaghan).

The former Prince Albert manager was seething after getting fired by Kathy and decided to retaliate by causing a stir within her family.

Little does Peter know that Ben not only attacked him by mistake during his vigilante rampage but was also raped by Lewis – which resulted in him getting laid off.

Ben was attacking homophobes left, right and centre in the Square as a reaction to his estranged husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay) being beaten in front of him in January, 2022.

As a friendship began between him and Lewis, Ben came clean to the latter about his actions before eventually being exposed.

Reprimanded for his violent streak, notably by Kathy, he found support in the form of Lewis.

But one drunken evening, a kiss and some flirting led to a horrible situation during which Ben’s voice was left discarded, to the horror of many fans.

Ben only revealed he had been raped to his mother Kathy, another survivor of sexual assault.

Could this change Peter’s stance against him?

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Or could it lead to actor Dayle Hudson’s exit, as announced by soap bosses?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Peter was told the truth about his attack by Lewis Butler

This was in reaction to Kathy Beale firing him