EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell has his cochlear implant installed during lockdown


BEN Mitchell has his cochlear implant installed next week as Callum spots him on CCTV footage from the warehouse where the robbery took place. 

Ben has been struggling to hear since he was plunged into the Thames back in February, but was left unable to hear at all following a gun blast during his dodgy robbery with dad Phil.

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Ben waits for Callum ahead of his cochlear implant switch-on

Ben is gutted when Callum is late

Viewers were left hanging when Ben collapsed in the soap’s finale episode before it went off-air due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Callum try and hurry up with his work so he can support Ben on the day of his cochlear implant switch-on.

Meanwhile, Ben hatches a plan to take their relationship to the next stage and decides to present Callum with a key to the Mitchell household.

At work, Callum tries to get a shift on with his job trawling through CCTV footage from a warehouse.

But he’s stunned when he recognises Ben in the shadows. 

Callum panics when his boss tells him their new target is Danny Hardcastle and that he wants all evidence of his involvement in the warehouse robbery.

Will Callum tell him what he’s seen?

Callum spots Ben on the CCTV footage from the warehouse robbery

Meanwhile, Ben waits at the hospital wondering where Callum has got to.

Callum tries to prevent his boss enhancing the image of Ben and identifying him, but will he succeed?

Callum arrives at the hospital just in time to see the implant switch-on.

Will Ben be able to hear him?

Later, Ben gets upset that Callum seems distracted, but Callum brushes it off as work.

Later, when Callum tests Ben by saying they’re looking for Danny at work, Ben lies and pretends he doesn’t have a clue. 

Callum storms off and Ben’s hopes of them moving in together fade.

But later, Ben apologises when he realises Callum was in a mood because of Danny and his lies.

Callum then demands the truth from Ben – but will he open up?

And will Callum call things off after yet more criminal behaviour from Ben?

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