EastEnders spoilers: Callum Highway schemes to set up Phil Mitchell and send him to prison


CALLUM Highway goes undercover to set Phil Mitchell up next week in EastEnders and send him to prison.

Callum – who is played by Tony Clay in the BBC One soap – has been forced into grassing on Phil by his boss Thompson in order to save Ben from prison.

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Thompson calls Callum into the station

Thompson’s ultimatum came after Ben was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery with Danny Harcastle.

Thompson revealed he knew Callum had lied about the CCTV footage to protect his boyfriend and that he was willing to turn a blind eye and let him go, but only if Callum helped him arrest Phil.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Phil ask Callum to do some research into the family that adopted his and Denise’s biological son Raymond – or anything else that could help his case. 

Later, Callum tells Ben he’s be at Lexi’s dance recital, but he’s stopped in his tracks when Thompson calls him into the station.

Thompson tells Callum he’s going to have to wear a wire

Callum has agreed to go undercover to get Phil arrested to save Ben

Callum is horrified when Thompson tells him they’re not getting enough from the listening device, and that he needs to start wearing a wire. 

Later, Callum tells Phil he couldn’t find any dirt on Raymond’s family.

He then offers to look into some of Phil’s ‘contacts’, but a distracted Phil turns down the offer and heads to the hospital. 

When Phil visits Raymond, he feels he has an instant bond with him.

But, striking up a conversation with Ellie, Phil lies about who he is and why he’s there.

Will Phil reveal his identity as Raymond’s biological dad?

If so, will Callum’s scheming ruin Phil’s hopes of having a relationship with Raymond?